The Youth As We Know It Eye Cream
The Youth As We Know It Eye Cream

The Youth As We Know It Eye Cream

bliss the youth as we know it eye cream

An anti-ageing eye cream for that 'I slept 8 hours' look

Bliss the youth as we know it eye cream is a turn-back-time anti-ageing cream that targets 10 signs of ageing around the eyes.

why it works
Made with crow's feet-conquering peptides and a dark circle-diminishing complex.

• Diminishes dark circles, fine lines, undereye bags and crow's feet
• Protects collagen and elastin
• Hydrates, plumps, repairs and soothes

0.5oz / 15ml

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Item: BLISS-375

Bliss the youth as we know it eye cream has an anti-ageing to:

1. diminish dark circles
2. fill fine lines
3. diminish crow's feet
4. disguise undereye bags
5. protect collagen and elastin
6. hydrate and plump
7. repair and soothe
8. refine skin's texture
9. brighten and energise
10. improve skin's firmness
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on 28/10/2012

This is the best eye cream that I have ever bought. I have been using this for three months and have noticed a great difference in elasticity. I use it in the morning and before bed. It is very light and not greasy like others I have tried.

about bliss

Bliss was born in 1996 with a single spa in New York City, and ignited a spa revolution by combining super-effective services with a fun, ''no-attitude'' atmosphere. Our bliss spa treatments became so sought-after that we translated them to a line of bliss products for bath and body and bliss skin care products, so our grooming groupies could spa-at-home and achieve ''domestic Bliss''. These beloved bath, body and skin care blends are all inspired by countless hours of tension-nixing and skin-fixing at bliss spas world wide, so each one receives the ''esthetician seal of approval''—and a dose of ''tongue-in-chic'' humor, of course. is your one-stop-shop for spa products, skin care products, bath and body products, hair removal and body waxing, shapewear, style, fitness footwear, makeup, hair care and the best gifts for her. We search the world over to bring you what we’ve found to be the finest cleansers, toners, exfoliators, moisturizers, anti aging treatments, masks, sun protection, pro tools, soaps, gels, body scrubs, supplements, cellulite creams, and cosmetics.

Gently pat around the contour of the eye, from inner to outer corner and back. Use daily, morning and evening. 

step 1:cleanse - Dissolve makeup and impurities with the youth as we know it anti-ageing cleanser

step 2: illuminate
- Apply a layer of the youth as we know it anti-ageing serum

step 3: treat - Pat the youth as we know it eye cream around the eye area

step 4: moisturise - In the morning, safeguard skin with the youth as we know it anti-ageing moisture lotion spf 30. Or, if you prefer a cream without SPF, massage on the youth as we know it anti-ageing moisture cream

step 5: renew
- At night, massage the youth as we know it anti-ageing night cream over face and neck
True to 'formula', we've taken the ten most important ingredients we've found for eyes and packed them into one WOW!-eliciting wonder cream.

So, unless you have some sort of sentimental attachment to stuff like dark circles, crow's feet, undereye pillows, saggy eyebrow arches and, uh, being called ma'am, we suggest you snap up this reparative periorbital powerhouse pronto.

top ingredients include:
• collagen and elastin protectors: provide anti-oxidant action, supports collagen maintenance and helps brighten and clarify skin
• anti-crows feet peptides: advanced peptide complex assist in activating skin repair, improving under eye firmness and diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles
• dark circle diminishers: clinical levels of a complex that assists in the elimination and evacuation of dark circles
• eye-brightening boosters: encourage cell renewal to soothe, smooth and brighten the eye area 
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